About Us

NanoIdeas is one of the first companies in the GCC to focus primarily on the import and sale of nanotechnology products in agricultural and Hygiene applications.

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Mission & Vision

NanoIdeas’s mission is to make the world a safer place through the introduction of non-toxic Nanotechnology Engineered products, eliminate insects or deodorize hotel rooms with the same or greater efficiency as existing toxic products.

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Core Values

Our primary Core value is to provide a Superior level of Satisfaction to our Customers. This is reflected through our Commitment to Excellence which is reflected in the products we offer, and in our Service to our Customers.

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Want to work with us?

We are always on the lookout for talented professionals to join our growing team. If you are committed, ambitious and looking for a long term career, We have job openings at all levels and for various disciplines. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Products & Applications

NanoIdeas developed pest control products with green properties unlike standard insecticides in use today.

Palm Tree Weevil Killer (PTWK):

The PTWK does not act on the nervous system, but rather on the respiratory apparatus. They immediately impact the exoskeleton structure of the pest upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect.

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Ant & Roach Killer

Certain ants can spread more than a dozen disease pathogens. Ants can be found in a wide range of laundry areas, ICUs, kidney dialysis and autopsy rooms. The ants can be eliminated without leaving a residue that is poisonous to humans, animals, or the environment.

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Rat Repellent

Rodents carry diseases, and can damage wiring, causing a fire. They can enter through a hole no bigger than a small coin. They typically are found in laundry rooms, food service areas, food carts, loading docks and garbage disposal areas.

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Bed Bug Killer

Nanotech products can be sprayed directly on to beds, unlike current products, which are only used on floors. This is a highly effective product, and can be used in sensitive areas like hospitals.

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Flies & Mosquito Killer

Flies are disease carriers; the Nanotech product eliminates both pests, with minimal inconvenience to the user or persons in the area.

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Plant Growth & Heat Resistant Improver

Plants in hot weather areas such as gulf area are subjected to getting dry, full of stress and dying. Therefore NanoIdeas offers Plant growth & heat resistant improver which will enhance the tolerance to pH, summer heat and full sun.

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